Air Diffuser

Aeration with Air Diffuser

Capacity - 4 – 8 m3/hr.
Air Bubble Size – 1mm.
Dia.- 63mm & Length-550 to 1000 mm.
Head- 5000 mmwc.
MOC-Silicon Membrane, SS316 End Fastener.
Make – REHAU, Germany.


Air Supply

The air supply system has to be free of oil, dust and solvent and must include a filtration system. The air supply system must comply with local Health and Safety legislation. Dust filters for ambient dust are to be designed to achieve 90% filtration in conformity with EN 779, filter class G4. Air temperature at inlets may not exceed 80oC. Higher temperatures may be permitted in consultation with the manufacturer. The pipe aerator can be operated with an air supply of between 2 - 12mN3/H*ma.


If the treatment tank is drained or the aerator system is pulled up, care is to be taken that the deposits on the aerator tubes do not dry out, i.e. the aerators are to be immediately cleaned. Dried deposits will impair aerator performance. Occasionally, there might be process-related deposits, which can be removed in their initial stages. It is therefore necessary to check for such deposits regularly, right from the start, and to determine an appropriate cleaning cycle. Mechanical cleaning can be carried out using highpressure water jet on the pipe aerator, which are covered by about 10cm of water. Also, an air flow rate of 4 to 5m3N/hma should be applied when cleaning is carried out.


RAUBIOXON PLUS is an enhanced version of RAUBIOXON pipe aerator. It comes with a new silicone rubber membrane, which has a higher tear strength and anti-microbial property.

RAUBIOXON PLUS pipe aerator comprises a support pipe made of RAU-PP (polypropylene), a membrane made of RAU-SIK (silicone rubber), which is fixed to the support pipe by two stainless steel clips and an EPDM seal, EPDM seal.

2.3.3 Pipe aerator with 11/4" internal thread
D = 63mm
Article no. Overall length A (mm) Effective length B (mm) Weight (kg)
291898 550 500 0.9
291918 800 750 1.2

REHAU RAUBIOXON PLUS Brand name 64 x 1.5 Diameter and wall thickness Date Date of production.
Number Production number


Advantages of RAUBIOXON PLUS pipe aerator

The advantages of RAUBIOXON PLUS pipe aerator are as follows:




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