Cool Tubes (Settler Media)

Cooltubes Clarification/Sedimentation is the most important stage in the field of waster water treatment. The most efficient sedimentation systems have high settling surface area whilst maintaining a small structure. COOLDECK ASPL tube settler media provides a large settling surface area within the specified volume thus giving high flow rates. They have a chevron shaped self-supporting structure in a tubular form with six sides. They are primarily used in applications like solid-liquid water in clarifiers in primary & secondary sedimentation and oil water separators.


COOL Tubes Tube Settler Media have no moving parts as a result of which there is no energy loss. The distribution and entry velocity are minimum resulting in maximum efficiency and better effluent quality. The efficient design minimizes space requirements and is sturdy and easy to transport and install. COOL Tubes increase the capacity of existing clarifiers due to increase in available settling area. In the case of new plants, COOL Tubes result in reduced tank sizes thus reducing civil construction costs.


CD-TS60R is uniquely designed to give one of the highest surface areas in the current genre of tube settlers. In addition the inherent shape of the modules gives an efficient mechanism for the sludge to flow downwards.

Model CD-TS60
Plan Settling Area 12 m2/m3 (at 60° slope)
Distance between 14 m2/m3 (at 55° slope)
Adjacent Tubes Vertical – 48.5 mm


The unidirectional flow in the tubes eliminates any possibilities of mixing currents. COOLDECK ASPL provides its experience in building support systems for tube settler assemblies. The chevron shape section and the trapezoidal shaped assembly have been proven to be the most effective configurations in settling systems. The shape and assembly also provide for easy access for maintenance


COOLDECK ASPL also manufactures square shaped tube settler media – CD-TS55. These tube settlers are useful in case of tanks that are designed with large distances between the support beams without having any intermediate support. Such a need arises in many retro-fit jobs as well as in certain new plant designs.


Model CD-TS60
Plan Settling Area 11 m2/m3 (at 60° slope)
13 m2/m3 (at 55° slope)
Distance between Horizontal - 120 mm
Adjacent Tubes Vertical - 44m


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