Coolfill Bio Media  (SAFF Reactor)

CooltubesGlobal environmental concerns have directed attention to the discharge of wastewater. Wastewater may originate from residential settlements, commercial institutions as well as industrial establishments in the form of ground, surface or storm water. Aerobic or anaerobic processes are used to treat biological wastewater. COOLFill Bio Media are specially fabricated PVC media that aid removal of biological wastes from water. COOL Fill Bio Media are designed to achieve high surface area per given volume resulting in high specific mass transfer. The structure aids uniform growth of biological film. Microorganism growth on the bio film converts the dissolved and 'unsettleable' colloidal impurities into a settle able biomass.


Areas of application for COOLDECK ASPL Bio Media are include Tricking Filters, Bio Towers, Submerged fixed film systems (SAFF), Activated Sludge Systems (IFAS), anaerobic digesters, Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs), nitrification and degasification COOLFill Bio Media have folded edges at the top and bottom that provide strength at critical junctions, leading to resistance to mechanical damage and erosion. They are continuous formed and have uniform thickness.


Depending on the end application, COOLFill Bio Media may be available in a number of different sizes and configurations. The cross-corrugated media product range combines high specific surface area with a large number of mixing points per unit volume to facilitate superior performance. The choice of the particular range in the cross-corrugated media applications may be governed by desired specific surface area required and the quality of effluent being considered.


This configuration provides a consistent distribution of air and water throughout the media, thereby enhancing contact between the effluent water and the biofilm.


In case of applications where the risk of clogging may be considered high, we recommend our vertical corrugated media.


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