Industrial RO

This industrial RO system can also be cleaned and operate on a continuous basis. This industrial RO system is also cost effective and highly durable. This provides clear liquid solution and is also reliable.


Our industrial  RO system is designed and manufactured as per the latest technical needs and innovations. This industrial  RO system is widely demanded in the global markets and can easily cater to their demands. Perfectly suitable for the purposes they are meant for our industrial RO system is easy to install within the industry and is durable as well as efficient.


R.O 2000 LPH

PRESSURE SAND FILTER : Feed water will pass through the unit for removal of existing suspended impurities by filtering action of media / bed provided into the unit.

ACTIVATED   CARBON FILTER : Filtered water will pass through the unit to avoid / reduce the chance of free chlorine and organic entering into the RO Membrane.

PH CONTROLLER :To maintain the required pH, a chemical dosing pump is provided.

MICRON FILTERATION UNIT : Water is passed through the Micronics filter for removal of fine suspended particles to protect the high-pressure pump & membrane.

HIGH PRESSURE PUMP: To boost up the water pressure as required for the system performance.

RO DESALINATION: The pressurized pressure is diverted into two streams as permeate (product water) and concentrate (reject water) as the result of reverse osmosis across the semi permeable membrane. Permeate water is more pure form as regard to chemical / dissolved  impurities.


S.No. Description 
01. Raw   water feed pump

02. Pressure sand filter
03. Activated carbon filter
04. Chemical Dosing System
05. Micron filters (10 & 5 for RO)
06. Stainless steel high pressure pump with motor 

Membrane Housing


Reverse osmosis  (RO) Membrane


Skid supporting structure         


Digital Control panel with online Line Digital conductivity Meter, pressure gauges, pressure switches              


Necessary piping, fittings and valves

Flow Diagram for Reverse Osmosis System (industrial R.O)

RO Images

R.O 250 LPH

R.O 500 LPH

R.O 2000 LPH

R.O 5000 LPH

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