Sludge Drying

Paddle Dryer

PHPL Paddle type dryer has been designed and developed for drying of different types of paste like ETP/ STP biological/ chemical sludge, spent carbon , WTP sludge etc. These machines are highly efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heating by steam or thermic fluid. There are two counter rotating shaft with uniquely designed intermeshing wedge type paddles that produce intimate mixing and self cleaning of heat transfer surface for optimization of heat transfer resulting in minimizing the foot print of machine.

Suitable to dry any type of sludge to less then 5% saving huge costs of disposal in powder form

ETP Sludge & Biological Sludge, Sewage Sludge
Sludge from textile, pharmaceutical, paper, chemical, food, spent carbon
Models for 250 kg,550 kg,1 ton sludge - can be customized as per need
Minimum cost of drying using steam and electricity
All contact parts in SS
Payback in less than 12 months
Reduce cost of disposal by 16 times

Multi Disc Screw Press

Paras Hydrotech Private Limited has pioneered the technique of manufacturing Multi Disc Screw Press in India. These sludge dewatering press are intended for mechanical dewatering of community and industrial wastewater sludge. They are recommended for wastewater sludge dewatering on low-capacity municipal wastewater facilities, as well as for food, pulp-and-paper, pharma,textile, chemical, oil-refining and similar industries. These sludge dewatering press are efficiently used for dewatering rates of up to 1000 kg/hr – dry solid mass. These dehydrators are a good alternative to traditional dewatering equipment. It provides dewatered sludge with a moisture content of less than 80% in conditions of classic wastewater treatment plants.

Product and Features

key Parts and Features

The Dewatering Process

The Dewatering Process

Technology Comparison

Key Features and Advantages


Feed sludge directly from the oxidation ditch / aeration tank. This eliminates the need to construct settling tanks, sludge thickener or sludge feed tanks. This advantage leads to a good reduction in CAPEX as well as OPEX


The series of heavy duty finely machined fixed and rotating rings placed alternately provides efficient filtration that remains clog free due to the continuous movement of the rings. This eliminates the need for consumables like filter cloth etc


The system can be fully automatic with PLC controls. Option of variable frequency drive (VFD) is available to control the dosing and the screw speed to automatically adjust to the varying loads of the effluent. The system can run continously, unmanned.


The system can take sludge directly. This eliminates the need to build sludge thickening tank and sludge storage tank, thereby saving on space and civil construction costs.


Since both the sludge thickening tank and the sludge storage tank is eliminated and as sludge is not stored for long periods of time, there is no anaerobic process happening. This eliminates the possibility of unpleasant odour.



The system works on its internal pressure. It saves energy due to its low running speeds (2-4 rpm). The average power consumption is only 0.01 – 0.1 kw/h which is 12% of a belt press and 5% of a centrifuge.


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