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Calcium and magnesium salt are low soluble in water, known as hardness. In case of temperature or pH increase, these salt get precipitated to cause scaling. In case total dissolved solids in water are within the limits of application, the calcium and magnecium ions are exchanged with sodium ions and this process is known as softening. As a result, total dissolved solids remain same, but get converted in form of highly soluble sodium salt.
The softening unit consist of cation exchanger which is regenerated with sodium chloride salt, for restoring sodium ions in resin bed. Its application mainly for cooling and low pressure boiler feed. Effluent Characteristics

Effluent Characteristics

The corrosive sodium chloride solution used for regeneration of softening unit though , get converted in non-corrosive calcium / magnesium form, but excess quantity increase the concentration & corrosive nature of effluent . It is so because raw salt is cheaper and the softening units are regenerated with excessive quantity (>100% of actual requirement), and such quantity makes the land porous, affecting the fertility, due to its excessive corrosive nature.
Driven by motto to provide the economical and environment friendly units, HFPL makes softening plants are always designed with following salient features like Counter flow regeneration with additional uniform middle collector, enabling uniform distribution, and better product water through maximum regenerated resin bed. Thus as a result of perfect design and latest mono dia Sphere resin, there will be negligible wastage of salt with minimum drainage / discharge saving fertility of land. The softener is fabricated with zero effect of corrosion on equipment and media ensuring long working life.


Clothes Washing / Laundry
Boiler Feed
Textile Industry
Food Processing


MS Rubber lined Construction.
Effective Removal Of HARDNESS.
Effective Regeneration And Backwash System.
Selection Of Appropriate Exchange Media.
Prompt After Sales Services

1000+ Installation

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