Effluent Treatment Plant

ETP it is a type of industrial waste water treatment method to purify industrial waste for reuse or for discharge. Effluent from different industries contain various materials, depending on the industry. Some effluents contain oil and grease and some contain toxic materials. Effluent from automobile industry contain heavy metals and effluent from food and beverages industries contain degradable organic pollutant. Since industrial waste water contain various type of impurities therefore specific treatment technology is required for each industry. ETP plant works on different level and involves primary treatment, biological treatment, filtration and tertiary treatment.

We design develop and manufacture the Effluent Wastewater Treatment plants like Effluent Treatment plant Sewage treatment plants commonly referred to as ETP WTP STP with latest and innovative technology like MBBR to treat effluent generated from your Industry. We do supply Media and diffusers for Effluent water treatment plant and Sewage wastewater treatment plants like fine bubble, coarse bubble, tube settler, Lamella media.

Advantages of ETP

To purify industrial effluent to reuse or discharge
To reduce use of fresh water in industries
To save water bodies from pollution
To meet the standards for water discharge set by PCB & avoid heavy penalty

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